To counter the predicted drastic rise of new cancer cases over the next decades and to lower the dramatic financial burden of cancer treatments on patients and healthcare systems, innovative chemotherapies with high efficacy and reduced cost represent an urgent and unmet clinical need. Despite great enthusiasm for drug-loaded anticancer nanocarriers (e.g., liposomes, nanoparticles, micelles), their bench-to-bedside translation is not straightforward. Recent disappointments during clinical trials have fuelled concerns as to whether drug-loaded nanocarriers work any better than the free drugs. Thus, significant rethinking of drug delivery from nanocarriers seems inescapable. In the frame of THERMONANO, the goal is to develop a new drug delivery strategy that will be simple, efficient, comfortable for the patient and significantly less costly.

The postdoctoral position is for 2 years and the general research topic will be focused on the design and the synthesis of new polymer-based nanocarriers. The ideal candidate must hold a PhD degree on  organic/polymer chemistry with a solid publication record as first author in international leading journals. She/he should have high level of motivation, creativity and independent thinking, and should have strong hands-on experience with the design, the synthesis and the structural characterization of organic/active molecules. Although it is not a strict requirement, she/he would preferably have some interest in colloids and biomedical applications. An excellent level of English (written/oral) is essential.

Interested applicants should contact Dr Julien Nicolas as soon as possible via email ( and provide a detailed curriculum vitae precisely mentioning education/experience, practical and theoretical skills (in synthesis and characterization) and a complete publication list, a motivation letter, as well as the contact details of at least one academic referee – preferably two to three. Incomplete application will not be considered. For more information on Dr Nicolas, please refer to the following website: More details can be found here:

Publié le 14/05/2018