Acting for the Research Department of the group, based in Vendôme (Loire valley – France), and thanks to the skills and expertise brought by education and professional experience, you will contribute to an innovative collaborative research project in the field of material processing and food conditioning. The work will be done mainly in Sophia Antipolis (Provence Alpes Côte D’Azur region – France) near Nice.
More specifically, you will focus on:
– processing composite polymeric material (with mineral fillers) in order to allow this material to be processed through a specific food product conditioning machine (extrusion; cast film processing)
– characterizing this material in order to define its thermo-mechanical properties;
– preparing/formulating variants of this material in order to optimize its thermo-mechanical properties, and by using as much as possible low footprint raw materials;
– establishing scaling-up laws in order to allow scaling up from laboratory to pilot scale.
You will work in close interaction with an external partner for the processing part and possibly also with the other fields of expertise of the applied research department of the Group.

Publié le 02/07/2018