The research program is inspired by several key concepts of materials science, already at work in metallurgy, civil engineering or in the glass industries and which, thanks to vitrimers could become also relevant in the field of polymer materials.
The doctoral student based at ESPCI-Paris will have to design original experiments to highlight new properties and to relate the original functionalities to the particular structure of vitrimers. Investigations will involve design, formulation and extrusion of reactive systems, rheology, molecular spectroscopy, (thermo)mechanical testing, microscopy, X-ray scattering techniques. Collaboration with the CTI platforms will ensure the relevance of the means implemented in terms of scale up and suitability to industrial needs, whereas Prof Drockenmuller and his group at University of Lyon will provide us with innovative chemistry. Short stays in Lyon and CTI will be organized during the course of this project whenever particular experiments will require it.

Publié le 05/08/2018