The present post-doctoral project aims at a multi-scale multi-technique investigation of the properties of a family of promising aromatic ionomers developed by LEPMI since few years. The materials, including second-generation high performance ionomers selected for use as both membrane and conducting phase in electrodes, are prepared by a post-doctoral fellow hired at LEPMI in the frame of the project. Our main goal at CEA/LEPMI is to correlate functional properties, structure and transport efficiency, in order to select best performing ionomers and improve their design. For this purpose, we apply a methodology based on the combination of lab characterization and advanced scattering techniques. Understanding the organization of the proton-conducting phase in fuel cell components is of paramount importance to improve the performances. To achieve this goal, a variety of scattering techniques, can be employed: small angle neutron/x-rays scattering (SANS/SAXS), grazing incidence techniques (GISAXS), Infra-red Synchrotron spectroscopy.

Publié le 10/09/2018