LCPO team” Advanced functional polymers for electronics, energy and communication” ( and and i2S company ( have decided to join their strengths and expertise in the frame of the ANR LabCom called Polymers Laboratory for Innovative Imaging Solutions (PLIIS). The objective of this structure will be to create a link across all the components of the entire value chain, from the materials synthesis and engineering to the development of new innovative commercial products. Furthermore, the  ELORprintTec platform dedicated to the industrial transfer of the organic electronics technology and located at same place as LCPO team will provide crucial tools from lab to market.

Three main innovative products dedicated to digital vision and image processing will be targeted that consist in the development of piezoelectric systems, the development of fluorescent probes, and the introduction of specific polymer coatings for cameras, all based in organic polymer materials.

Publié le 30/09/2018