The objective of this Postdoctoral Fellowship is the development of an original Drug Delivery System. This system will be based on a polymeric material derived from a natural biomolecule known for its antioxidant and antiproliferative properties towards cancer cells. The drug targeted under this project is gallic acid, a natural polyphenolic acid easily accessible in large quantities in free form or in the form of gallotannins from numerous plants, oak bark or co-products of the first order transformation of oak wood. The gallic acid will be functionalized with a polymerizable group via a pH-sensitive spacer. The produced monomer will be polymerized, then the polymer will be formulated into nanoparticles. Thanks to the pH-sensitive spacer, this drug delivery system will lead to the gradual and controlled release of gallic acid and will make it possible to propose an effective anticancer treatment.

Publié le 09/12/18