The purpose of 4D IOLIMAT (4D printing for designing innovative ionic liquid-based polymer materials) project is to overcome various challenges in the field of epoxy networks through the design and development of new and high performance (multi)functional-dedicated polymer materials with enhanced properties such as ionic conductivity, chemical, and thermal stabilities, mechanical performances, fire retardancy, barrier properties, self-healing ability and shape memory behavior for 3D/4D printing. 4D IOLIMAT project proposes an original and innovative approach for designing and processing new polymer networks from novel ionic liquid monomers. To achieve innovative networks with high performance, the development of facile and adaptable synthetic routes will be investigated in order to design and characterize polyfunctional Ionic Liquid monomers bearing aromatic rings and specific reactivities which will allow to tune the architectures of the networks and a function of targeted properties in the resulting polymer materials (offer valid until January 30).

Publié le 09/11/2019