Composite materials are replacing rapidly metal counterparts in many transport sectors such as aeronautics, automobile and railway, by dint of their lightness and performance, as the call for the reduction of gas emission and of energy consumption is ever increasing. Nevertheless, the high cost, the lack of reliability and the immature mass production technologies have been major barriers to the widespread adoption of composite materials for structural applications. The project POPCOM (Plateforme de développement pour l’Optimisation des nouveaux Procédés COMposites) lead by IMT Lille Douai aims to address the aforementioned issues, within the framework of research program ELSAT2020 (Ecomobilité, Logistique, Sécurité, Adaptabilité dans les Transports à horizon 2020) co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund, the French state and the Hauts de France Region Council.

Publié le 14/12/2019