Under the leadership of the SMIH Director, the Research Fellows will work predominantly under the ‘Innovate’ strand on next generation sustainable materials. Their research will span the supply chain from the development of new degradable films, adhesives and heat seals to the future of waste management systems, with the four areas of focus (1) Biodegradable Polymers and Invisible Plastic Waste; (2) Standardising Recyclability and Degradation; (3) Modern Waste Management; and (4) Compatibilisers. Whilst pursuing the underpinning, lower-TRL research, they will be brought into SME projects as appropriate, building on the initial scientific foundations to enable new technologies to reach the TRLs needed to secure substantial follow-on funding. They will be embedded with the other researchers from the Green Materials Laboratory, allowing innovations and industry engagements to percolate through the structure and for each of the strands to iterate and optimise. The Research Fellows will be expected to both develop core innovations and translate these innovations into practice through engaging in a portfolio of projects co-developed with SMEs.

Publié le 16/11/2020