Nowadays, soft colloids used in cosmetic formulation are often oil-based additives. A major challenge for cosmetics industry is to develop ingredients from bio-based resources as efficient as those obtained from oil derivatives, and which have improved biodegradability. The objective of this PhD project is to design innovative Bio-based soft Colloids for Cosmetics formulations (BioCoCo), based on a bio-based synthon, to thoroughly investigate their properties in water, and to correlate them to application for topical uses. Synthesis part will develop greener radical polymerization by reactive extrusion, using new bio-based initiator. Then, bio soft colloids will be characterized in term of structure (NMR, GPC, LS) and rheology and properties for applications will be tested. Finally, we aim to control the biodegradability and life cycle analysis of our bio-based soft colloids.
This project will be integrated within the laboratory IMP (Université Jean Monnet), in collaboration with the laboratory ICBMS (Université de Lyon, Villeurbanne) and an industrial partner. The IMP team is renowned for his research activities in polymer science, with important facilities. Its main research aim is to establish and control relationships between chemistry, structure, rheology and processing.
Candidate profile: Highly motivated students with a Master/Ingénieur degree, or equivalent, in the field of polymer science (chemistry and physical-chemistry) are encouraged to apply. A prior knowledge on process (twin-screw extruders), rheology and scattering techniques will be also appreciate. Excellent writing and oral communication skills.

Contact : Fabien Dutertre <>

Publié le 23/02/2021