To prevent bacterial infection and in particular in hospitals, an efficient method consists in using antimicrobial materials that are usually obtained either by coatings, impregnation or by incorporation of additives like chlorhexidine, silver ions, antibiotics or heparin. Even if these materials have proven their efficiency against bacterial infections, one of their main limitations is the leaching (release) of their active compounds with time that could impact their properties and worsens the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance. In addition, because of the release of the active compound, leaching antimicrobial materials cannot be used for a long indwelling time because of a loss of activity with time.
The aim of this work is to develop in collaboration with the Vygon company non-leaching antimicrobial organic materials with no toxicity, no resistance and no loss of activity with time that could find application as enteral probe. To reach this objective, the technology will use synthetic antimicrobial copolymers as additive in a co-extrusion process with common industrial polymeric matrices.

Publié le 27/07/2021