The main goal of this project is to acquire a better and more systematic understanding of the bitumen/polymer physico-chemical interactions that govern this behavior, using emerging approaches such as Hansen Solubility Parameters, HSP, turbidimetry, interfacial tension measurements, or confocal laser scanning microscopy, together with more conventional techniques like optical microscopy, viscosimetry, and rheology. Since bitumen is a dark medium, innovative experiments should also be proposed and implemented for a more thorough investigation of its properties.
This methodology will first be applied to a series of bitumens with different compositions or specific features. The aim is to precisely determine their HSP parameters and, if possible, relate them to the values of the SARA or SAR-AD fractions.
In a second step, similar studies will be carried out on SBS copolymers differing by their molecular architecture (linear, di/triblock, branched or star-shaped), styrene proportion, presence and amount of 1,2-units in the polybutadiene block, etc.

Publié le 27/07/2021