The PhD candidate will be integrated to the “Center for Materials and Processes” and more specifically into the research team on functional thermoplastic polymers to conduct various aspects of the GENEPI project. The principal mission first deals with the optimization of shear piezoelectric properties of PLA by playing on material / processing parameters. An in-depth understanding of structure – properties relationships is expected based on model experiments coupled to advanced structural characterization. The use of various functional additives and scale-up to pilot extrusion-MDO processing will be also explored. Several complementary challenges (extension to other processing tools for PLA orientation, development of ferroelectric PLA by corona poling, integration of electrodes by 3D printing, development of proof-of-concepts) will be finally attempted. Valorization activities are also expected and teaching opportunities at L2 to M2 levels will be also possible in the frame of the IMT Nord Europe formations.

Publié le 08/05/2022