The objective of the PhD thesis is thus to investigate the thermal and fire degradation of duromer foams in order to better understand its ignitability and the flame propagation phenomenon. Two main approaches will be followed during the PhD.

A first approach of the PhD will be dedicated to the development of testing methods that permit to mimic the ignition of duomer foams in standardized test. Building products are classified in classes (Euroclasses) from A1, A2, B to F. The main test methods for foam building products is the single burning item (SBI). In the USA, numerous federal regulations and state and local building codes refer to various fire tests and standards such as ASTM E84, UL 790, FM 4880, UL 1040, and UL 1715 but basically, the same fire parameters including flame spread, ignition, and smoke opacity are measured. A testing apparatus will thus be designed.

As a second approach of the PhD, the thermal and fire degradation of different types of duromer foams supplied by the industrial company will be studied to fully understand their behavior in particular when exposed to SBI and Steiner Tunnel. In that frame, SBI and Steiner Tunnel (ASTM E84) at the reduced scale developed in our lab will be used for evaluating the fire behavior of the foams. A comparison of the behavior of closed cell vs. open cell duromer foams will be considered in order to better understand the effect of the structural properties of the foams. It is expected to draw the mechanism of degradation based on different analytical tools and to determine the mode of action by using different types of fire scenarios (mini-SBI, mini Steiner tunnel, cone calorimeter…).

Publié le 28/05/2022