We are a group for polymer materials, located in Novi Sad, Serbia, Faculty of Technology Novi Sad. We deal with different types of polymer materials, familiar with their design, characterization, and modification for the special application. We are especially focused on functional materials and a green chemistry framework. Currently, I do a modification of biopolymers for different purposes in order to achieve better applicative properties.

We are looking for partners to submit a collaborative proposal on a bilateral project between Serbia and France within the Program « Pavle Savić in the field of polymer materials. The aim of this program is to facilitate and develop scientific and technical exchange on high level in both countries with special emphasis on the establishment of new ones partnerships. Financing refers to the assumption of expenses on behalf of the trip between the two countries and the stay of researchers engaged in the common project. This is a cooperation program of « Partneriat Hubert Curien » (PHC) between Serbia and France.

Contact email address: tamara.erceg@uns.ac.rs