The SIPONIUM project aims to develop new light-sensitive self‐immolative polymers (SIPs). The special feature of the SIPs is the ability to undergo quick depolymerization reaction in response to external stimulus. By taking advantage of this unique character, it becomes possible to scaffold temporary structures that can be collapsed in due time, for drug delivery applications.
Research aims : During this project, a monomer bearing a light-sensitive group will be synthesized according to a multi-step synthesis procedure that was already set in the research team, then this monomer will be used to design amphiphilic copolymers. The physicochemical and physical properties of the obtained materials will be investigated. Furthermore, the copolymers will be used to make drug-loaded nanofibers (NFs) by electrospinning and melt electrowriting processes. Drug release kinetics, antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity of the NFs will be investigated in collaboration with the ADDS U1008 laboratory, Lille.

Publié le 06/09/2022