Plastic is one of the preferred materials for manufacturing high volume consumer products and more particularly packaging thanks to its physical, mechanical, thermal or barrier properties. However, existing global plastic industry is mainly a petrochemical-based industry, bringing bad environmental footprint. Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are a group of biopolymers that are now widely recognized as attractive substitutes to fossil fuel derived plastics in a wide range of applications. Unfortunately, no sustainable value chain exists in Europe and production schemes developed elsewhere in the world appear highly questionable from an environmental and ethical standpoint.
The NENU2PHAR project aims at bridging this crucial gap in the EU industry, within an inclusive approach that will address the whole PHA-based plastic value chain, targeting high volume consumer products. The NENU2PHAR project gathers 17 european partners leaders in the different fields of research, from biomass development to formulation of biopolymer up to plastic processes.

Publié le 03/10/2022