In this project, we propose to combine colloidal assembly of nanoparticles with block copolymer self-assembly, in order to produce both asymmetric patchy particles and complex nanoscale particles organization. Two strategies are envisioned to pursue these objectives:

  • an iterative self-assembly strategy involving the formation of a monolayer of nanoparticles covered by a nanostructured block copolymer film in order to form an asymmetric coverage of the particles surface (see Figure for preliminary results).
  • the generation of complex nanoscale particles organization by exploiting phase separation and photo-imprinting of block copolymers co-assembled with nanoparticles. The generated phase-separated block copolymer domains will be used as “molds” where nanoparticles will be selectively grafted or incorporated in one of the block copolymer nanodomains.
Publié le 21/05/2023