The project will explore the sustainability of plastics in electric vehicles and has projects looking at increasing the recycled content, switching to bio-based polymers, improving chemical and mechanical recycling at end-of-life, and evaluating the sustainability of choices made.

We are recruiting for four roles to build up this team:

University Research Fellow – This is essentially an Assistant Professor / Lecturer level that takes a leadership role in the project as well as building up an independent research career. The goal is to move to a tenured position after 5 years – or equally jump to a job with Polestar – but particularly suits someone who wants to transition to a role as an independent researcher in academia. Job description is attached. Note the closing date for this role is 10 September!

Postdoctoral Research Associate – This is a traditional post-doc role with a really fluid background – we could take in someone who has a PhD in LCA as equally as someone who has worked on new polymer chemistry or improved recycling methods. Someone who has recently or is soon to complete their PhD would be a great fit. Job advert is attached.

Two PhD Students – One is open to international candidates and the other is open to UK applicants. Looking for students who are keen on sustainability and have some polymer or LCA background. This could be someone who finished up a project last year, or is just starting a project in your group. These topics are more firmly set – one is working on increasing the recycled content in automotive plastics and the second is more synthetic and exploring polyhydroxybutyrates and other polyesters.

Prof. Michael P. Shaver
Director of Sustainable Futures
Director of Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub
Professor of Polymer Science
School of Natural Sciences
Henry Royce Institute
University of Manchester
Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

Publié le 27/08/2023