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EUPOC 2023

14 mai 2023 - 18 mai 2023

The European Polymer Federation (EPF) in collaboration with Italian Association of Macromolecular Science and Technology (AIM) is honored and pleased to announce the organization of EUropean POlymer Conference on “Dynamic Polymer Networks” (EUPOC 2022) to be held Bertinoro (Italy), May 14-18, 2023.

Today’s plastics are either thermoplastics composed of polymer chains, recyclable and processable at high throughput yet with poor heat and solvent resistance, or cross-linked thermosets made of permanent polymer networks with far better thermomechanical properties and solvent resistance yet essentially intractable and non-recyclable once processed. Dynamic polymer networks (DPNs) benefit from dynamic exchangeable or reversible cross-links to ideally combine the best features of thermoplastics during processing and thermosets during service. DPNs bear the promise of the next generation of polymer materials and composites in cutting edge applications, in line with sustainable development and requisites of the new plastics circular economy. EUPOC 2023 will offer a platform to discuss the main challenges facing this important research field, bringing together worldwide scientists, engineers and students working on every aspect of dynamic polymer networks.



Début :
14 mai 2023
Fin :
18 mai 2023
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