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International School of Soft Matter

août 3 - août 14

This interdisciplinary summer school, targeted at PhD students, post-docs and young researchers in the field, will cover in a pedagogical way, a range of topics in chemistry, physics and mechanics needed to investigate the synthesis, characterization and macroscopic properties of soft and stretchable materials and objects at the continuum scale.

Soft and stretchable materials have recently become an emerging and dynamic area of soft matter. In the last decade the field has exploded and new classes of materials have emerged faster than their properties have been understood. Building a framework of tools adapted to the investigation of the structure, dynamics and properties of these soft solids in the bulk and at interfaces over a wide range of length and time scales has become essential for the education of a soft matter scientist.



Début :
août 3
Fin :
août 14


Conference center
Cargèse, France