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MRS 2019 : Symposium SM06 — Nano- and Microgels : Call for Papers

avril 22 - avril 26

Nano- and microgels are cross-linked molecular networks swollen by the solvent, in which they are dissolved. Their dimensions range from several hundreds of nanometers to several micrometers. The unique property of the nano- and microgels is their ability to dramatically change shape and volume in response to external stimuli such as temperature, pressure and ionic strength. For a nano- or microgel with a complex shape placed in the gradient of a stimulus field, the volume change is coupled to complex deformation patterns and provides the opportunity to reversibly tune the physical and chemical properties of the nano- or microscalar gel.

Due to the microscopic length scale intrinsic to nano- and microgels, these changes are taking place at the submicrosecond time scale making them distinct from macroscopic hydrogels. Nano- and microgels provide a combination of structural integrity, high molecular porosity and soft deformability that sets them apart distinctly from other commonplace colloids. These features offer unique combinations of architectural diversity in nano- and microgels enabling integration and compartmentalization of otherwise incompatible chemical functionalities. From a physics point of view, nano- and microgels are particularly intriguing and challenging, since their molecular properties are intimately linked with their surface behavior and inter-colloidal interactions. Their unique properties render nano- and microgels relevant in applications as mediating materials for catalysis, as sensors, as building blocks in micro-robotics and for separation process technology.

This symposium will broadly cover current and emerging questions related to the physical, chemical and material properties of nano- and microgels. The symposium seeks to provide a general overview of recent advances in new design concepts, modelling tools, fabrication techniques and promising applications enabled by these new developments.

To submit the abstract, please go to symposium webpage

and click “Submit Abstract”. Then, you will need either to login directly to the MRS submission system or to create an account first (MRS membership is not required). During submission, you will need to choose: Symposium “Symposium SM06—Nano- and Microgels”.

We would strongly encourage you to consider attending the symposium! Please also feel free to distribute this to interested colleagues and students.


Début :
avril 22
Fin :
avril 26
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Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, USA