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Thermosetting Resins 2020

septembre 29 - octobre 1

We invite you to submit your abstracts for lectures and poster presentations for the Thermosetting Resins 2020 conference on the following topics (DEADLINE March 13,2020):

  • Chemistry and formulation of thermosetting resins including bio-based materials and non-toxic monomers
  • Recyclable and reshapable thermosets, e.g. vitrimers
  • Processing and application of thermosetting resins, e.g. 3D-printing, composites, alternative curing methods
  • Characterization and properties of thermosets, e.g. FST-behavior, toughness, (low)viscosity
  • Modeling and simulation of thermosets, e.g. solubility parameters, processing


Début :
septembre 29
Fin :
octobre 1


Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz
Berlin, Allemagne