Propositions de thèses

PhD Open Position : Synthesis of photo-polymerizable and foamable prepolymers via continuous flow chemistry for the accelerated discovery of high performance foams – GreenFOAM – MCPO, Bordeaux (31/03/2024)

The GreenFOAM project is part of a Prioritary Research Program (PEPR) from the The French National Research Agency (ANR) called DIADEM (Development of Innovative Materials Using Artificial Intelligence). The aim is to help in accelerating the discovery of more...

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PhD Open Position: Microfluidic non-Newtonian droplets generation: experiments and numerical simulations – in CEMEF, Mines Paris-PSL, Sophia Antipolis – Deadline for application April 15, 2024

The current project aims to highlight the physical mechanisms driving the formation of microparticles via stretching and breakup of non-Newtonian fluids in microfluidic channels with a mixed approach combining experiments and numerical simulations. These objects can...

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