Due to the large generation of used tires, and in respect of the European Directive 1999/31/EC of 26 April 1999 which prohibits the landfill of used tyres, and which obliges tires manufacturers to take care of their life cycle ; the chemical recycling of tire waste, which would offer a sustainable polymer reusing technology, is of major importance. Research on this issue must therefore take into account these environmental and societal issues by following the principles of law of 2015 dealing with the energy transition for a green growth. The proposed recovery solutions must therefore have a low environmental and societal impact but also have to lead to the development of an adapted industrial model. In this context, the CHTI project proposes to recover polymers from tire waste to use the latter for new formulations.
Within the framework of collaborative project with three major companies : SOPREMA, EIFFAGE et ALIAPUR, the CHTI project offers a 18-month post-doctoral researcher position. The research project will be performed in the Polymers team of LCMT laboratory in Caen (https://www.lcmt.ensicaen.fr/).

Publié le 03/12/2023