The PhD project will cover the synthesis and in-depth characterization of monomers, polymers, and corresponding nanomaterials. The project will mostly (but not exclusively) focus on polyoxazoline derivatives. Additional aspects will or may encompass conversion of plant-based chemicals, surface functionalization, biomolecule conjugation, and biocatalysis.
Our group – currently consisting of one postdoctoral researcher, six PhD students, and a varying number of undergraduates – develops functional organic polymer systems using modern methods of macromolecular synthesis (reversible-deactivation radical polymerizations, ring-opening polymerizations) and efficient organic chemistry ligation methods. Our research is linked to the design of functional/reactive nanostructured (biohybrid) materials for technical, biological, medical, or biotechnological applications. We are currently moving towards a more sustainable polymer chemistry (sourcing, stability, degradability, recyclability). We cooperate with biologists, physicists, engineers, and other chemists, and are well connected to the industry.