The BioFlexPV project is part of a Prioritary Research Program (PEPR) from the The French National Research Agency (ANR) called Tase (Advanced Energy Systems Technologies) whose aim is to generate innovations in the fields of solar photovoltaic energy, offshore wind energy and the emergence of flexible and resilient energy networks.

The recruited Ph.D. candidate will work within a consortium of 6 laboratories in collaboration with other Ph.D. students and Post-doc researchers. His/her specific role will be to to

develop new biosourced polyhydroxyurethane (PHU) materials for the encapsulation of photovoltaic cells. Different biosourced cyclocarbonate and amine precursors will be prepared and tested for the development of crosslinked PHU films. The transparency and barrier properties of the films obtained will be two characteristics to be particularly controlled. These new encapsulation materials will be integrated into different types of flexible photovoltaic modules and their lifespan will be studied and analyzed.

Candidates are invited to apply at

Publié le 31/03/2024