The GreenFOAM project is part of a Prioritary Research Program (PEPR) from the The French National Research Agency (ANR) called DIADEM (Development of Innovative Materials Using Artificial Intelligence). The aim is to help in accelerating the discovery of more eco-responsible high-performance polymer foams for the industry. Every year, over 600,000 tonnes of foam are produced for bedding, furniture, seating, sporting goods, etc. A transition in this industry through the development of sustainable (pre)polymers (biosourced, degradable) that are not harmful to health, and obtained according to more environmentally-friendly methodologies is therefore necessary. In this context, the GreenFoam project proposed to implement a scientific approach combining rationalized, high-throughput macromolecular engineering, digital simulation and artificial intelligence to accelerate the discovery of more eco-responsible foams.

The recruited Ph.D. candidate will work within a consortium of 5 laboratories in collaboration with 4 other Ph.D. students. His/her specific role will be to synthesize pre-polymers than can be implemented in light-mediated additive manufacturing (3D-printing) and blown to produce foams according to eco-responsible methodologies. The syntheses will be conducted in continuous flow to accelerate the screening of the characteristics of the pre-polymers (e.g. molecular weight, functionality, etc.) and the study of their impact on the properties of the resulting foams.

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Publié le 31/03/2024