TWELV project is an academic research project which aims at demonstrating that functionalized oligomers obtained from chemical recycling of tire wastes can be used to elaborate innovative self-healing and recyclable materials designed in a circular approach with a minimal consumption of fossil resources. The chemical recycling process of tire waste will be based on the cross-metathesis reaction to obtain functionalized oligomers. We aim at engaging these waste-based fine chemicals in crosslinking reactions to synthesize and fully characterize innovative elastomeric vitrimer materials.

Candidate profile:
Applicants should have a strong knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry with a master degree (or equivalent) in organic chemistry. An inclination for polymer chemistry and materials science are required. He/She will be rigorous, motivated, hard-worker, autonomous and he/she will have a very good ability to work within team and a very good ability to communicate. Strong oral and written communication skills in English, and French (for French speaking candidates) are requested.

Publié le 15/04/2024