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APME23 : 14th Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering

avril 23 - avril 27

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming 14th International Conference “14th Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering” (APME23) in Paris from April 23rd, 2023 to April 27th, 2023.
The scope of the APME23 includes broad topics of macromolecular engineering for the design of advanced polymeric structures, in connection to their characterization and recent applications (not limited):
Recent Advances in Macromolecular Synthesis; Complex Macromolecular Structures; Dynamic and Supramolecular Polymers; Stimuli-responsive and Functional Polymer Architectures; Self-healing and Reprocessable Polymer Systems; Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces; New Industrial Developments for Polymeric Materials; Polymers meet Biology/Biochemistry; Polymers from Renewable Resources; Polymers for Energy Applications…
The symposium aims at bringing together people from an international research community to present and discuss the latest trends in the field of Polymer science, including current challenges and future perspectives. It intends to provide inspiration towards new development for synthetic polymeric materials.

The organization committee,
B. Améduri , D. Gigmes, P. Guégan ; N. Illy

Extension of submission deadline: February 3rd, 2023


Début :
avril 23
Fin :
avril 27


Paris, France