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STEPI 11 – 11th Polyimides & High Performance Polymers Conference

juin 2 - juin 5

As with its predecessors, the symposium is organized to bring together scientists, technologists and engineers interested in all aspects of high temperature polymers and more generally in organic & inorganic high performance materials.

For the last three decades, increasing need in the high technology industries (space, micro and nano electronics, civil transportation, planes, automotive, membranes, fuel cells, etc) has been the driving force for the development of new polymeric systems and materials combining both thermal mechanical and temperature resistance and also properties others such as lightweight, high corrosion resistance, good wear properties, dimensional stability, low flammability, separation properties, moisture resistance, insulating properties and ability to be transformed with conventional equipment.

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Début :
juin 2
Fin :
juin 5


University of Montpellier, Faculty of Sciences
Montpellier, France